Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Repair in Germanton & Winston Salem, NC

North Carolina experiences hot, humid summers, with temperatures in the 90s and sometimes reaching above that. After you leave the sweltering outside air and walk into your home, you expect it to be cool and comfortable.

When the inside of your home is as hot as the outside, this can make for uncomfortable situations.

Problems with your air conditioner may include:

  • It won't turn on
  • It's not as cool as it should be
  • It's making weird noises
  • It turns off too soon
  • Water is pooling in high amounts
  • Your bills are abnormally high

When you purchase an air conditioning unit, it should last for years and years. Throughout its lifespan, however, you need to give it the proper attention, including regular maintenance and repairs when needed. If your air conditioner needs repairs, rely on the contractors at Transou's Heating & Air Conditioning, serving the Germanton and Winston Salem, NC areas. We are experts when it comes to air conditioning repair, and we can get your unit back up and running quickly!

To avoid costly repairs and replacements, it is important to replace your air filter every 1 – 3 months depending on the amount you use your A/C. This will allow enough airflow over the evaporator coils inside the unit and prevent them from freezing.

Overworked parts can be a problem. However, if you stay up to date on regular maintenance and inspections, you can catch parts that seems to be wearing out. To prevent overworked parts, it is important to set a programmable thermostat to make sure your unit is maintaining a constant temperature.

When you are experiencing air conditioning problems, rely on our air conditioning contractors.

When your unit is not working efficiently or not at all, our team will come out and take a look and provide any air conditioning repairs that are necessary. We will determine what the issue may be, from the compressors to coils, thermostat and other parts. Our air conditioning contractors will try to fix your unit and save you time and money in costly replacements.

When these things are starting to happen you need to call someone in to take a look at your air conditioning system.

For air conditioning repair done right, call Transou’s Heating & Air Conditioning, 336-767-9735.