FAQs About Heat Pump Repairs

FAQs About Heat Pump Repairs

How long does a heat pump usually last?

Generally, a heat pump will last about 15 years. However, it depends on the amount it is used and how well it is maintained. Newer units have lasted even longer than 15 years.

Will I know when I should replace my heat pump?

When your system has been giving you problems and costing you a lot of money or it is approaching 10 years old and major parts need replacement, it is a good idea to replace your heat pump rather than fix it. New units will be more efficient and cost less to operate.

I’m not feeling enough heat. Should I get a bigger heat pump?

Not necessarily. Your air ducts are already sized for the heat pump you have. If you were to purchase a larger unit, you would need larger air ducts. If you are not feeling enough heat, there may be a problem with your current ductwork, circulation in your home, or a loss of energy through old windows, doors, or other areas.

What kind of repairs do you offer for heat pumps?

We can help repair major components including compressors, revering valves, and coils. We can also help take a look when you are experiencing squeaks, rattles and grinding noises.

I’m pretty handy. Can I just repair my heat pump by myself?

We recommend that you always get a professional to help with heat pump repairs. Shock or electrocution are very possible since they run on a 240 volt circuit. Special attention must be taken when handling these products in order to ensure they comply with federal regulations.