Oil Furnace

Oil Furnace

Oil Furnace Repairs - serving the Winston Salem & Germanton, NC Areas

There are a variety of heating systems available in the United States to heat houses and businesses during the cooler months. One of these systems is the oil furnace. This heating system is used in colder climates, especially in the northeastern states.

Oil furnaces convert oil to heat. This works by the oil in a storage tank being pumped into the furnace. Here, it is turned into a mist and sprayed throughout the blast tube and ignited. The mist mixes with air and allow for efficient burning. The flame from the furnace heats the air and the ductwork moves the heat and pushes it through the vents around the home or business. Modern oil furnaces offer air flow through a filter which helps remove any dust, dirt or other allergens from being blown around.

Rely on our oil furnace specialists!

At Transou's Heating & Air Conditioning, our oil furnace specialists can help you install or make any repairs to your furnace. We have the knowledge and experience to help you. We offer services in the case that your furnace won’t start or your burners are running but there’s no fire. By catching problems quickly, you can save a lot of money down the road in costly repairs or replacements. Contact our oil furnace specialists today for more information!